Friday, 23 December 2016

Dividend income for Dec 2016

It's the Christmas weekend and I'm about to get off work soon. Thought I will squeeze in a blog post before the long weekend!

We have been doing our Christmas shopping for the past 2 weeks to prepare gifts for our families and friends. Will be having Christmas dinners over the weekend with good food and wine. Looking forward to that after such a busy and tough few weeks at work!

I was debating with myself a while back about whether to disclose more details of our dividend income but decided against it. Been thinking about it again and this time round, I have decided to start posting specific details on the amount of dividend and coupons received in relation to the relevant shares/ETFs/bonds from the month of Dec 2016 onwards.

Exciting stuff! Mainly because you can have a better sense of the constituents of the share/ETF/bond type in our asset portfolio. I will try to do the post after receiving all the dividend income for that month.
Dividend income for Dec 2016


1. Silverlake Axis Ltd (5CP) - S$13

2. Boustead Singapore Ltd (F9D) - S$21

3. King Wan Corporation Ltd (554) - S$39

4. UMS Holdings Ltd (558) - S$16

5. Singapore Press Holdings Ltd (T39) - S$110


  1. Merry Christmas Finance Smith. Happy to read about your post of dividends collected. I am also a dividend investor.

  2. I owned King Wan as well. There was no dividend given out in the last FY but luckily in this FY, they started paying dividend again. Hope they will dish out a yr end dividend as well.