Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Share Portfolio

Our Share portfolio consists mainly of Singapore and some Australia stocks with a focus on dividend paying stocks. As mentioned in my previous post, the size of our Share portfolio is larger than the ETF portfolio as we had only recently started building up the ETF portfolio. That being said, the aim is to increase the size of the ETF portfolio until it is about the same size as the Share portfolio. Since we have decided on a bigger focus on ETF investing for our portfolio, I would think the size of the ETF portfolio should eventually outgrow that of the Share portfolio over the long term.

I have opted not to disclose the individual stocks that we own but the industries they are in as well as the investment amounts and percentages. A snapshot of our Share portfolio can be found here.

I will try to provide end of month updates on our Share portfolio as to the transactions we have undertaken for the month. We plan to mainly average down on our current stock holdings and possibly expand the number of stock holdings. It's already taking up quite a bit of time to monitor the performance of each of our stock holdings and increasing the number would put us at risk of losing track of their performance. The growth of the Share portfolio should be slower than that of the ETF portfolio and this is in line with our strategy to have a bigger focus on ETF investing.

The aim is for the market value of the Share portfolio to reach S$120,000 by 31 Dec 2016. Given the 10 year timeframe for this journey to Financial Independence, it's important to have numerical goals every year to track our progress on our total portfolio.

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